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The application process begins each year  March 1 for a smoother transition for students and parents!


HTIA will be open to the community through an application process. 

This process includes an interview with prospective students and families followed by a diagnostic test to determine placement and individual plan, review of school records, if applicable, and an orientation of the procedures and plans for the school term. 




The basic application process is as follows:

1.      Parent expresses an interest and completes a written application

2.      Testing is conducted ( this testing is for correct educational placement)

3.      Records requested

4.      Interview with parents and prospective student(s)

5.      Review of application by application committee

6.      Acceptance/Waiting lists letter mailed.


​The process continues

7.      If accepted-Orientation scheduled

8.      Placement meeting and overview of first year curriculum and school procedures

9.      Student complete an interest survey

10.  Agreements signed by all parties ( student participation, parent participation, uniform, materials, internet usage,etc.)


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